Domestic Use

A Pure Stable Medium For Mixing Chemicals and Fertilisers

Chemicals and other additives in tap water can potentially interact with or lessen the benefits of liquid fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. By using purified water as a base to mix with you can maximize the effect of your products.

In Industry many chemicals are diluted and packaged using purified water as a base to eliminate the possibility of interactions rendering their product less effective



  • In portable evaporative air conditioners ( Eliminates dirt, salt build-up and calcium deposits through cooling medium and inside cooler chassis)

  • Aquariums ( A demineralized and organically pure medium for setting up aquariums)

see Aquarium Water for more information


Purified water with zero mineral content will prolong the life of your equipment and eliminate the need to remove calcium buildup.

Hydroponic Solutions

Excessive mineral salts and nutrients in your solution tank can lead to problems such as stunted growth and less produce.

Purified water is the best possible base to start from for diluting your nutrient solution and ensuring maximum growth and produce from your palnts.

Steam Irons

Purified water does not contain the minerals and salts found in tap water, particularly calcium.

Using purified water in your iron will prolong it's life and eliminate calcium buildup around steam holes and the need to clean it with harsh chemicals

Radiators/Mixing Coolant

Calcium buildup in radiator cores and engine blocks is the main cause of problems that lead to overheating and eventual failure. Using purified water in your coolant eliminates this problem completely.

By purchasing a coolant concentrate and using purified water to dilute it as recommended, you not only finish up with a better product than off the shelf pre-mixed coolants, but save significantly on cost as well

Pot Plants

Use purified water to flush out harmful excess salt build-up from pot plants ( every 3rd or 4th watering) or every watering with fertiliser

Spot Free Rinse

Just wash then rinse with our purified water and leave to dry


No more ugly white spots and streaks, saves stacks of time and effort

  • Cars, Motorbikes etc

  • Hard to clean windows

  • PVC Blinds

  • Outdoor furniture

No hand drying means no micro scratches or surface damage, no effort and more free time to do what you want to do

Steam mops

Using purified water in your steam mop will prolong it's life and eliminate calcium buildup in steam holes.

Also beacuse the water is pure and contains no contaminants, the moisture left on the floor after cleaning evapoartes leaving no streaks as you get with tap water.

Wet Cell Batteries

Batteries can be an expensive item, especially if you have a bank of batteries for solar storage or for a forklift.

Using purified water in your batteries will gaurantee that you get the maximum life and potential from your batteries

Water features

Nothing looks worse than unsightly white crusty calcium deposits on your water feature. Impossible to clean off without harsh chemicals which can also affect the surface of your feature in some cases.

Purified water will not leave a spec of calcium on your water feature... Ever!


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