Autoclave Water


A Simpler Less Expensive Way of Managing Your Autoclave Feed Water

Conforms to AS4187 / AS4815 for Autoclave feed water


Meets warranty requirements of all autoclave manufacturers

It is essential that Autoclave feed water be as pure as possible.

Purity for the purposes of AS4187 / AS4185 is measured by electrical conductivity ( EC ) in micro siemens per centimetre ( µs/cm ). At time of manufacture,

Our water has an EC reading of less than 1 µs/cm and a TDS (total dissolved solids) reading of less than 1 ppm (parts per million)


This Makes Our Water Second to None


Available in 10,15 or 20 Litre stackable cubes with top handles for ease of use. If you are a new customer there will be an initial one off deposit on the number of containers you take, thereafter you are only charged for the water as empty containers are replaced with full ones.


Deliveries are free to the Adelaide metro area, either fortnightly or monthly as part of a regular route, when empties are picked up and replaced with full ones. Extras can be purchased at this time if required


Quick & Easy Payment System - By purchasing a booklet of vouchers which are redeemed at the time of delivery. Just leave a voucher with your empty or at reception.


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